RS-35 Throttle


The RS-35 Throttle is the Realsimulator’s home version of F-35 throttle control and it is made up of the base (RS-35-LTB) and the grip (RS-35-TG).

Below, under the “Description” tab, you will find a detailed product description that, as you will be able to check, makes this product unique in the market.

How to buy it

The RS-35 Throttle will be manufactured exclusively for home users, by pre-order and by manufacturing a batch. After this batch it will be manufactured only on-demand at list price in that moment and never more at the pre-order price.

The estimated product price of RS-35 Throttle for small manufacturing batches (5 units) is 3.200 Eur/unit, however for a batch of 200 units the price per unit is 1.470 Eur. If at the end of the preorder period the total number of orders is much higher than 200 units, the sale price will be recalculated; as it will be obviously lower, the difference between the new calculated price and the one charged, will be returned to all buyers.

Once the pre-order period is open, a progress bar will be updated periodically to reflect the current number of pre-orders.

If the order status is under 100% by the time pre-orders close, we won’t manufacture the item and the whole money paid (in EUR) will be refunded. Any case, we will be in constant contact with customers to hear their suggestions.

Price for each set of this batch of 200 units is 1.470 Eur.

Pre-order period: December 15, 2021 to January 30, 2022.
Estimated Delivery: April 30, 2022.

Order progress: 12%


  • List price 3.200 Eur.
  • Price for home users in pre-order batch of 200 sets, 1.470 Eur.
  • The set includes the base (RS-35-LTB) and the grip (RS-35-TG)


The RS-35-LTB and the RS-35-TG are the Realsimulator’s home versions of F-35 throttle control. As all Realsimulator products, it comes in two lines, professional and home.

Professional version uses its own software, military switches and sensors, and customs sockets and connectors under client specifications.

Home version is designed to be used only in home environment and is not meant for professional or commercial usage.

Below we will inform you about the more important product characteristics. We are sure that when you finish reading it, you will agree with us that it is the best throttle on the market.

The RS-35-LTH

The RS-35-LTH (Lineal Throttle Base) has a travel of 9” which gives to the user a finer engine control and therefore, simplified control of the aircraft during demanding phases of flight such as air to air refueling, formation flying and approach and landing.

The base box is manufactured in a CNC machining center on solid aluminum blocks to guarantee the dimensions, flatness and the necessary precision for a linear guide system in addition to offering a wonderful aesthetic appearance.

In order to take advantage of the 9 inches distance, we have included 5 stainless steel detent positions which can be mechanically removed or reinserted without the need to open the throttle casing because they are accessible from the bottom side. These stops have been designed to last through the life of the throttle but in the event they become damaged can also be easily replaced.

The prominence of the detents can be easily adjusted to allow our users to set the throttle up for the type of aircraft you enjoy flying. The detents are located in the following positions:

  • 11% Idle
  • 49% MIL (Hover START)
  • 74% MIL (Hover END)
  • 80% Afterburner
  • 95% Emergency

The main motion sensor is a high linearity wound industrial potentiometer similar to those used in professional throttles used by the USAF.  In case of premature failure it is easy to replace by the user and being a standard industrial product, supply of replacement parts is also assured.

The smoothness of movement is guaranteed by the use of linear guides and recirculating ball skids, such as those used in machine tools. To protect the groove and transmit the movement to the sensor, a synchronous band with a steel core is used. It features a steel element that acts as an intermediate anchor between the movement base and the grip, which in turn includes the grip tie-down points and the electrical connection with it.

All the internal electrical connections from the grip flow through a guide channel to guarantee the durability of the cabling. The motherboard has two USB connectors, one at each end of the box, to allow its use with both front and rear connection. Only one of them should be used: the one that best suits the needs of the installation. This connection will be used to upgrade the base or grip in case of installing new firmware.

Finally in the top side of the box we can find a potentiometer with central detent and push-button, a two-position switch with guard for generic use and a three-position switch for engine idle/shutoff/asymmetry control or generic use, which can be configured independently in each of the 8 profile slots available to RS stick grip owners via the rotary under the trim hat switch

In summary, the RS-35-LTB switches and sensors map is the next:

  • 1 high linearity wound potentiometer
    • B-P1 – Throttle.
  • 1 potentiometer with central detent and push button
    • B-P2 – Generic usage.
  • 1 two positions toggle switch with guard (B-T1)
    • B-T1 – Cut-off master switch.
  • 1 three positions toggle switch (B-T2)
    • B-T2 – Generic usage/Special engine functions.


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Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 30 cm

Technical data

These are the main characteristics of RS-35 Throttle:

  • Base box manufactured in a CNC machining center on solid aluminum blocks to guarantee the dimensions and flatness.
  • Travel of 9” which gives to the user a finer engine control.
  • Use of linear guides and recirculating ball skids for a smoothness of movement.
  • 5 detent positions which can be easily mechanically set.
  • High linearity potentiometer for the motion sensor.
  • 7 true analog axes, 8 hats of 5 positions, 3 push switches, 2 toggle switches of 2 positions and 1 toggle switch of 3 positions.
  • Two USB connectors (front and rear) to facilitate the needs of installation.
  • F-35 grip replica fully manufactured in high density resin.
  • Base compatible with future throttle grips.
  • Control for simple or double engine.


Tools and firmware:

Visit our Download page for the latest one.

User Guide:

Coming soon.


Sales Conditions

  • Realsimulator warrants this product to be in good working order for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. For a more detailed information, please, visit our General Sales Conditions page.
  • Shipping cost is not included in price. It will be calculated based on the weight of the products and once you have provided your address.
  • This product is shipped by Express service. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your order ships. On this confirmation will be a link that will take you directly to the freight carrier’s website so that you can track your order online.
  • European Community Citizens must add the European taxes (21%).
  • This price is only available for home user customers.
  • Professional/commercial use of this product is forbidden, you need to use the RS-35 Throttle PRO.



Last September 17th, 2021, the well-known streamer LowBlow made in live a review of RS-F35 Throttle (base and grip) through his streaming channel LowBlowTTV. Click on the image to watch the review.



First Impressions: Realsimulator’s RS-F35 throttle

The RS-F35 throttle is a replica of the F-35 throttle from Realsimulator, and I’m quite lucky and honored to be able to check out the pre-release version recently.  So I want to give some early impressions after having used it for the past few days, for people who might be interested.

The throttle is not a true 1:1 replica but slightly modified to accommodate home users, especially VR users who may want to bind extra buttons that are difficult to reach in VR, so it actually has much more functionality than the real thing.  The throttle base is meant to be the counterpart of the FSSB R3L joystick base, which means that it will accept multiple different grips in the future.  So this is a long-lasting device by design that will be able to pair with future grips from the company.

(

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