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The FSSB R3 Lighting is the evolution of the FSSB R3 Warthog, with the same high quality force sensors but with an improved electronic system to include the customer feedbacks there where the software cannot afford.

As in the FSSB R3W, the design of the sensors board gives a tact, smoothness and accuracy flight control which makes the flying experience can not be compared to anything experienced before; high-precision maneuvers that are impossible without hundreds of training hours are now made easily, thanks to the smoothness of control in areas close to the neutral position.

It is very difficult to express with words the feelings of control that the new R3 sensor transmits, but after testing it … you cannot fly without it.

  • Independent force sensors for each axis.
  • Acoustic and RGB light advices.
  • Functional with TM Warthog stick and compatibles.
  • Independent and hot adjust of axes sensibility.

Now you can enjoy a lot of new features when use the FSSB-R3L with the new Realsimulator’s grips, as the F16SGRH or the F18CGRH. The new firmware developed for this purpose allows to have 8 memory slots, 64 different buttons, a keyboard to send programmable keystrokes and a mouse.


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The FSSB R3 Lighting is the evolution of the FSSB R3 Warthog, with the same high quality force sensors we have improved the electronic system to include the customer feedback there where the software cannot afford. It has a new and improved electronic board, with state of the art MCU that allows us to improve the features of the Lighting to make sure it will be the best of the market in the next years.

Video created by studio formfrei

Force base FSSB-R3 Lighting and F16SGRH grip

The FSSB-R3 Lighting puts the new levels of quality, sensitivity and precision in hard to reach values even for expensive professional equipment.

The design of the sensors board gives a tact, smoothness and accuracy flight control which makes the flying experience cannot be compared to anything experienced before. High-precision maneuvers that are impossible without hundreds of training hours are now made easily thanks to the smoothness of control in areas close to the neutral position.

Although small, we have provided in the sensor system a small deflection which allows a slight angular movement in the stick. This helps to facilitate adaptation to a force control which is appreciated in the first flights. It is very difficult to express with words the feelings of control that the R3 sensor transmits, but after testing it … you cannot fly without it.

FSSB-R3 Lighting

During the quality control process which is done manually to each unit manufactured, the FSSB-R3 Lighting is calibrated and adjusted but it has also included an electronic calibration that allows the user to perform this operation as many times as necessary.

Now you can enjoy a lot of new features when use the FSSB-R3L with the Realsimulator’s grips, as the F16SGRH or the F18CGRH. The new firmware developed for this purpose allows to have 8 memory slots, 64 different buttons, a keyboard to send programmable keystrokes and a digital mouse.

Installation and support

The installation of FSSB-R3 Lighting is very easy since it is a plug and play device with no drivers and we provide you with the necessary tools to configure and upgrade it. So, we give you a GUI application (RS_HID_DEV_TOOL) to configure it and a firmware update tool (DCC) to install new versions of firmware.

After connecting the FSSB-R3 Lighting to your computer via the mini USB connection, it will be recognized as an HID device with the name “FSSB R3 XXXXX”, where XXXX will be the name of the firmware installed.

Programs, firmwares and product user guide can be found in our DOWNLOAD page, where always you will find the latest version of them. All of them are distributed grouped in an installer named RS_TOOLS.

DCC updater tool screenshot RS_HID_DEV_TOOL configurator tool screenshot

Additionally we suggest you visit our VIDEOS page to learn how to install and configure the device, and visit our FORUMS where you will surely find helpful comments and solution to small problems that may arise.

Also, we invite you to click and visit the product Reviews tab, there you will find some links to access interesting product reviews.

Double possibility of use: Standalone or with the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog pcb

The FSSB-R3 has a proprietary electronic system that include both, the analog and the digital processing. This allows it to work as a full functional standalone base that only need a grip and a plate for desktop usage.

As grip, we suggest you to use any of our grips (F16SGRH or F18CGRH) with the extended features that they add or any of Thrustmaster compatible grips. And as plate, we offer you the FSSB-R3 Plate as product to buy, although given its simplicity, surely you can make it yourself or use one that you already have.

We offer the video FSSB-R3 Warthog Alone to show you how to easy is the installation.

In addition to the advantages offered by the use of the FSSB-R3 standalone, it has connectors that allow to send data from FSSB-R3 to the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog electronic board. In this way, you replace the HOTAS base with the FSSB-R3 base, benefiting from the high quality of X and Y axes data. For installation using video FSSB-R3 with Thrustmaster pcb. This option must be used when you want to use the Thrustmaster TARGET software.

When use with HOTAS electronics, you can connect both USB cables to the same computer and choose in your simulation program which joystick use. Obviously, the user can configure the simulation program using both, the HOTAS variables and buttons as well as native FSSB R3 variables and buttons, being limited only through the options of the software you are using.

 FSSB-R3 LightingVisual/Aural advices

Following the customers suggestions, we have included a visual advice system additionally to the sound advice system, in order to keep quite the silence when is necessary and at same time, giving to the pilot the necessary feedback for its full control. So, you can disconnect all the aural advices and connect only visual advices for “night flights”.

Memory slots

The FSSB-R3 Lighting has memory slots for quick custom configuration. The number of slots available depends of grip connected.

With TM compatible grips the system offers 4 configurable slots, independently of firmware installed. Change between slots is done with the Special Modes Menu.

With Realsimulator’s grips and with the firmware specially developed for them, the system offers 8 configurable slots selectable easily through the rotary switch of stick.

Expansion sockets

Thanks to the new electronics, the FSSB-R3 Lighting will be upgraded with hardware devices; these devices would be connected directly to the R3 Lighting instead to need an additional USB socket and wire.

Settings description

Here you have a brief explanation of some features include in the firmware. You can find a detailed explanation in the User Guide and in the videos section.

RS_HID_DEV_TOOL configurator tool screenshot

  • HAT as POV or TRIM. The HAT switch can be modified at any time to behave like a POV (default) or trim command. This allows during the use of the joystick, the HAT control the views or submit your information to 4 HID buttons for use as TRIM, that is their function in real life.
  • Full Scale Control (FSC) to select between four possible full scale settings of the axes X and Y, this adjusts the ratio between force applied to the joystick and the signal sent to the computer. Although this looks like a sensitivity adjustment control is not exactly the same. This setting is ideal for adjusting joystick response in complex situations, such as a landing, refueling maneuver, ground attack. The setting values are FSC 1:1, 3:4, 1:2, 1:4.
  • DX Buttons/Add Buttons. With this feature the user can create or remove the additional DX Buttons device what are part of composite device jointly to the main joystick device.
  • BFA Level. Adjustable independently in Roll and Pitch, let you select in four steps from 0 to 10% the level of force applied to break the stable cero position.
  • Neutral Position Adjustment (NPA). It allows to adjust the neutral position of FSSB-R3 in any time, even in flight time.
  • Sound/Light. These two options let you independently enable or disable the beep sound and light signals.
  • Warning Sound Level. Set the percentage for the warning sound level from 1 to 99% and calculated with the actual sensibility and full scale control in 4:4.
  •  Overlay. This feature is only available with RS grips and it allows to show  the active slot name over the program window that you select and/or hear the slot name through speech synthesis. This allows you to know at any time which slot you have selected without looking away from the screen or without having to remove your VR glasses.
  • NASA Features. Asymmetrical Forces sensing for left and right as well as to push and pull. to let you to adjust really to the perfection the flight experience. In this way R3 now understand that our arm do not apply the same force in all axes, instead our feeling is the same.
  • Rotation Adjust. R3 Lighting includes a rotation adjust, in this way, you can rotate physically the R3 hardware in the table or in your desk support and after that adjust the rotation angle, the R3 lighting will translate all the forces to correct values.
Rotation feature sample in the FSSB-R3 Lighting Rotation feature sample in the FSSB-R3 Lighting

Some features are only available in the RS_HID_DEV_TOOL program and they cannot be changed in flight, but others can be changed in flight through the Special Modes Menu (SMM).

During the selection of special modes (SMM) a beep sound/light will indicate that the FSSB-R3 is in configuration mode, when not hear/see any beep/light the FSSB-R3 is in normal operating mode.

Firmwares available

As well as other Realsimulator devices, the FSSB-R3 is firmware upgradeable. At the moment there are the following firmwares available:

  • MJF: standard firmware for modern jet fighter.
  • MJF_FW: firmware to use with Realsimulator grips.
  • BMS: special version for Falcon 4 BMS.
  • LCJ (Last Chance Joystick): version that include the stick and throttle axes
  • SSF: version for space ships fighters.
  • AER: AER firmware is the MJF firmware customized with the suggestions and necessities of flight aerobatics gamers.
  • SSF_LH: special version of SSF for left hands users.

New Identification Label

Since mid-2020 the FSSB-R3L has a new identification label. Although it may appear that the product is different, we have only changed the label, the product is the same. For this reason, you can find in our site and documents the FSSB-R3L with both labels.

For your information, before the label was gold/black and now it is gold/gray with text in black.

FSSB-R3 Lighting FSSB-R3 Lighting

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 22,5 × 20,5 × 11 cm

Technical data

New in R3 Lighting

  • Improved Procesor unit.
  • Light advice 4xRGB leds.
  • Two expansion shockets.
  • Extra features working with Realsimulator’s grips.

Commom for R3 Warthog and R3 Lighting

  • Independent force sensor for each axis.
  • Black anodized fixation element for stick.
  • HOTAS electronic board fixation by 2 M3x5 screws.
  • Measurement electronic with separate channels.
  • HAT as POV or TRIM.
  • Electronic neutral position adjust.
  • Acoustic advice.
  • Full scale control with 4 levels, 1:1, 3:4, 1:2 & 1:4.
  • Sensibility control for Roll in 4 levels. 2.5, 4.5, 6.5 and 13 pounds.
  • Sensibility control for Pitch in 4 levels 4, 6, 9 and 13 pounds.
  • 2nd and 3rd DX button set.
  • 2nd and 3rd DX button set On/Off control.
  • 4 Memory Slots for quick custom configuration.
  • Auto-Load Memory Slot #1 if available.
  • Firmware upgrade.
  • One piece aluminum white anodized case.
  • Fixation by 4 M4x15 screws (not included).
  • Watertight, airtight and dust proof yellow plastic hard case.
  • Electric connections made by connectors. No soldering required.
  • USB connection cable included (1,8 m).
  • Max. applied force 13 Lbs.
  • Max. allowed force 20 Lbs.

Documentation and videos

Tools and firmware:

Visit our DOWNLOAD page for the latest one.

Video tutorials:

Visit our VIDEOS page for extra information about how to install and configure the device.

User Guide:



Sales Conditions

  • Realsimulator warrants this product to be in good working order for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. For a more detailed information, please, visit our General Sales Conditions page.
  • Shipping cost is not included in price. It will be calculated based on the weight of the products and once you have provided your address.
  • This product is shipped by Express service. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your order ships. On this confirmation will be a link that will take you directly to the freight carrier’s website so that you can track your order online.
  • European Community Citizens must add the European taxes (21%).
  • This price is only available for home user customers.
  • Professional/commercial use of this product is forbidden, you need to use the FSSB-R3 PRO.


HavOk (English)

The well-known youtuber HavOk offers us his first impressions about the FSSB-R3 Lighting and the F16SGRH grip in an interesting review where he deals with both configuration software and hardware.

Click on the image to watch the review.

Jeff Favignano (English)

The well-known youtuber Jeff Favignano offers us a review from his YouTube channel, taking the MSFS F/A-18E Super Hornet on a demonstration flight with the FSSB-R3 Lighting base and the F16SGRH grip!

Click on the image to watch the review.

Dimebug (French)

Déjà connu  pour ses 2 mods pour le Cougar de Thrustmaster, la société espagnole Realsimulator récidive avec un nouveau produit, mais cette fois, pour le Warthog. Contrairement a ses prédécesseurs et concurrent, le FSSB R3 apporte des fonctionnalités qui vont bien au delà du simple mod.

Qu’est ce qu’un FSSB R3 :
Il s’agit d’une base mécanique remplaçant la base du joystick du Warthog de Thrustmaster, le manche venant tout simplement se visser dessus. La principale différence se situe avant tout au niveau du débattement du manche : il n’y en a pas, du moins a peine quelques degrés. Vous avez bien lu, la ou la base d’origine du joystick du Warthog vous offre un contrôle des axe X et Y sur prêt de 60°, ici, le manche est fixe. Cette base utilise une technologie dite à « jauges de contrainte » pour mesurer les forces exercés sur le manche et transforme ces informations en  ordre pour le simulateur.

(

Roberto Seoane “Víbora” (English)

RealSimulator, enterprise specialized in high quality air simulation products, has recently developed a new mod for the HOTAS Warthog: the FSSB R3 Warthog, which I had the privilege to test during last weeks, and I can say it’s a marvel of the technique. A modification for the HOTAS Warthog that is really worth, if what we are looking for is absolute precision controlling the aircraft and of course mainly, for F-16 Falcon enthusiasts, though not only for them, not at all, as we’ll see later.

(

Roberto Seoane “Víbora” (Spanish)

RealSimulator, fiel a su pasión por la simulación aérea de alta calidad, acaba de desarrollar un nuevo mod para el mando HOTAS Warthog: el FSSB R3 Warthog, el cual he tenido el privilegio de probar durante las últimas semanas, y puedo decir con satisfacción que es una auténtica maravilla de la técnica. Una modificación para el HOTAS Warthog que merece realmente la pena, si lo que se busca es precisión absoluta en el control de la aeronave y por supuesto sobre todo, para los amantes del F-16 Falcon, aunque no exclusivamente, ni mucho menos, como veremos.

(

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