F-16 Side Grips


F-16 side grips are manufactured in two lines, Professional and Home. All of them are replicas with true F-16 shape and manufactured in high density resin in a one-piece body construction (unlike other manufacturers) and with a high-grade fixation system. Its lightweight construction allows to use with VR goggles in standup position or disconnected from the base.

Home line is available in three versions, the F16SGRH with a matte finish and slight grainy feel, the F16SGRH Collector’s Edition with a handmade finishing with 2K paints and the F16SGRH Anti-Slip manufactured with a special rubberized anti-slip coating. There are now also available F-16 Left Hand version grips.

They have a rotary switch installed under the TRIM hat switch cap to easily hot swap between 8 configurable memory slots, 5-way switches in all the hat switches (CMS, TMS, DMS and TRIM), 5-way switches where in real life there is only 1 (WR, NWS and PINKY), a realistic Trigger and three status LEDs used for BLE information (if available) and slot number in use.

Collector’s Edition and Anti-Slip models also include an independent Bluetooth LE communications module and three analog axes for Roll, Pitch and Yaw.

Right Hand v2 models now include Haptic technology by vibration as a new advice system, adding a necessary feedback especially for VR users.

Availability note: If you are interested in the F16SGLH, please contact us.

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F-16 Side Grips come in two lines, Professional and Home.

Professional range uses its own software and real military switches as well as custom socket and connector under client specification.

Home range comes in three versions, the F16SGRH, the Collector’s Edition (F16SGRH-CE) and the Anti Slip (F16SGRH-AS). F-16 Left Hand version grips (F16SGLH and F16SGLH-CE) are now also availble.

The F16SGRH is made on high density resin with a matte finish and a slightly grainy feel. It is focused to use with the FSSB-R3L adding it a lot of extra features.

The F16SGRH-CE and F16SGRH-AS are also manufactured on high density resin but with a different surface finish. The F16SGRH-CE features a handmade finish with 2K paints and the F16SGRH-AS has a special rubberized anti-slip coating. Both versions are functionally equal and they include all extra features for the R3L (like the F16SGRH) plus a BLE module that allows its use as standalone devices. In this way, you can use them with the R3L or a gimbal base with sensors or not, just as they include XYZ sensors or even directly in your hands. For easy reading, as both models are functionally equal, in the below description we will refer to these versions as F16SGRH-CE.

F-16 Side Grips

All versions have the same dimensions and shape of the real grip, the same high-grade fixation system manufactured in aeronautic aluminum and the same high density resin in an one-piece body construction with the following features:

  • An upgradeable electronic module.
  • True F-16 shape (so, the R3 Adapter should not be used with the FSSB-R3).
  • Add extra features to the FSSB-R3 Lighting and ULTRA when is connected to the R3L base.
  • Haptic vibration actuator (available only in Right Hand v2 versions and functional only with FSSB-R3 Lighting and ULTRA bases).
  • A rotary switch, installed under the TRIM hat switch cap, to easily hot swap between 8 configurable memory slots. With a single thumb movement, you can reconfigure the whole system in a fraction of a second.
  • 5-way switches in all the hat switches (CMS, TMS, DMS and TRIM), with the possibility to disable the center position. It offers up to 62 different buttons.
  • 5-way switches where in real life there is only 1 (WR, NWS and PINKY), with the possibility to disable the additional directions.
  • Three status LEDs used for BLE information and Slot number in use.
  • Realistic Trigger.
  • More features only availables in the F16SGRH-CE through the BLE module:
    • Independent Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications, so you can use it alone or with an X/Y base.
    • Three analog axes for Roll, Pitch and Yaw. These axes are independent of the standard axes in the X/Y base.
    • Lightweight construction to allow use with VR goggles in standup position or disconnected from the base.
    • Firmware upgradeable through BLE, so you could need a 4.0 or higher BLE dongle if your PC doesn’t have BLE included.
    • Configurable audio and video overlay in games and VR goggles.

As summary, here is a table with the main features and differences between the three grip models.

F16 grip true replica with correct inclination
High grade fixation system with knurled nut
Matte finish and slight grainy feel
Handmade finish with 2K paint
Special rubberized anti-slip coating
Rotary switch to hot swap 8 configurable memory slots
5-way switches in all hat and some push button switches
Bluetooth communications
Firmware upgradeable through Bluetooth
Power cable (Mini-DIN to USB) of 1,8 m for standalone use
Three status leds to show the slot in use
Bluetooth information shown in status leds
Adjustable light intensity of status leds
Three analog axes (roll, pitch and yaw)
Configurable with the RS_HID_DEV_TOOL
Haptic vibration actuator

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Technical data


  • F16 grip true replica with correct inclination.
  • One-piece body manufactured in high-density resin.
  • High-grade fixation system with knurled nut.
  • Haptic vibrational system.
  • Three red status LEDs.
  • 5-direction switches in all switches.
  • Rotative switch.
  • Extra features of CE and AS models when connected to a FSSB-R3 base (except Bluetooth functionality and integrated sensors)
  • Native functionality of TM grips when connected to TM or compatibles bases.

Extra features only on Collector’s Edition and Anti Slip models

  • All features of standard model.
  • Wireless communications by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
  • Composite device: joystick (axes and buttons), keyboard (keystrokes) and mouse.
  • Integrated sensors for Pitch, Roll and Yaw.
  • Hot swap 8 memory slots.
  • Functional as standalone or with FSSBs (R1, R2 and R3), Thrustmaster bases (Cougar or Warthog) or compatibles.
  • HAT as POV or TRIM.
  • Full-scale control with 4 levels, 1:1, 3:4, 1:2 & 1:4.
  • Sensitivity control for Roll, Pitch and Yaw (0 – 100%).
  • Roll Control Assistance (ON – OFF).
  • BFA Pitch and Roll level (Off – Min – Med – High – Full).
  • Precision mode (ON – OFF).
  • Keystrokes (ON – OFF).
  • DX Buttons (ON – OFF).
  • DX Center Buttons in four modes: native (ON), basic (COMP), center removed (OFF) and double click (DClick).
  • DX events and Keystrokes generation by pulses.
  • Additional slot change thanks to the Shifter and Toggle functions.
  • Digital mouse.
  • SWLed function to enable/disable showing switches position in status LEDs when pressed.
  • Adjustable LEDs lighting level.
  • 8 memory slots for quick custom configuration
  • Configuration and firmware upgrade by Bluetooth (BLE).
  • Power cable (Mini-DIN to USB cable) for standalone use included (1.8 m), to let you connect the grip to any power bank and use it at your convenience.


Tools and firmware:

Visit our Download page for the latest one.

User Guide:



F16SGRH Template

F16SGRH Template    F16SGRH Template

Sales Conditions

  • Realsimulator warrants this product to be in good working order for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. For a more detailed information, please, visit our General Sales Conditions page.
  • Shipping cost is not included in price. It will be calculated based on the weight of the products and once you have provided your address.
  • This product is shipped by Express service. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as your order ships. On this confirmation will be a link that will take you directly to the freight carrier’s website so that you can track your order online.
  • European Community Citizens must add the European taxes (21%).
  • This price is only available for home user customers.
  • Professional/commercial use of this product is forbidden, you need to use the F16SGRH PRO.

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