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The F/A-18 Stick Adapter is a high-fidelity replica of the module located on the flight stick column, where the stick grip is physically connected and which houses the paddle. Now, you will be able to fly like a real pilot with the F/A-18 Stick Adapter and the F18CGRH.

The F/A-18 Stick Adapter is manufactured in high-density resin using 3D printing technology and with the base connection made of aeronautic aluminum to ensure secure fixation.

Please read the Description section in its entirety and carefully for proper usage.



Out of stock


It has been a long time since we introduced the F18CGRH, and since then, you have been asking us why we didn’t include the paddle like other manufacturers. Well, now we offer you the answer: we like to make replicas as realistic as possible, and that’s why today we present the F/A-18 Stick Adapter, which, just like in the aircraft, is the device that incorporates the paddle.

Yes, the F/A-18 Stick Adapter is a high-fidelity replica of the module located on the flight stick column, where the stick grip is physically connected and which houses the paddle. Now you can fly like a real pilot, and not with a modified grip with a lever and a switch.

The F/A-18 Stick Adapter is a handmade product featuring a main body made of high-density resin, manufactured using advanced 3D printing technology to ensure durability and robustness. It accommodates the paddle and a connection for the F18CGRH grip. To ensure a secure attachment to the base, aerospace-grade aluminum has been selected for both the connection body and nut.

How to use it

As you are well aware, since we started manufacturing the FSSB-R3, we have consistently warned about the danger of using grip extenders, because increasing the distance from sensors where force is applied, the maximum force we can apply must decrease, and this is not always present in the pilot’s awareness, especially under the stress of a dogfight. Consequently, it is easy to damage the sensors.

The F/A-18 Stick Adapter is like an extender for the base to which the grip is connected, for this reason, we only approve its use with the FSSB-R3 Lighting and MKII ULTRA bases, as long as the grip used is an F18CGRH v2. This grip incorporates a haptic vibration system that alert the pilot when approaching the maximum force levels permissible by the sensors.

Remember to turn ON the haptic signal generated in the grip you must to enable it in the RS-HID_DEV_TOOL tool.

The F-18 Stick Adapter with the F18CGRH grips works with any Thrustmaster compatible base.

Important note

Using the F18CGRH v1 grips with the F/A-18 Stick Adapter requires a firmware update to the latest version and as these grips do not have haptic vibrator, we strongly advise utilizing the haptic signals generated by the base FSSB-R3 Lighting or ULTRA (light and sound) to prevent excessive stress on the base sensors, which could lead to damage. Please be mindful that you are responsible for any such damage that may occur.

Additional information

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Dimensions 28 × 17 × 8 cm

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