New RS_TOOL release and F-18 grips preorder soon.

May 19, 2020

A new release of RS_TOOLS (v1.03.00) is available on the Download page. There you will find a detailed explanation about the news included in this release.

We also want to announce that the first units of F-18 grip are already in the hands of some USA virtual pilots and very soon we will open the preorder.

New features for the F16SGRH-CE and FSSB-R3L

December 19, 2019

We present you a new release of RS_TOOLS (v1.02.rev4) available in our Download page. It includes new features, improvements and bug fixes for the FSSB-R3L and the F16SGRH-CE. We suggest to update them for a properly function.

The new features included are Macros, Repeaters, Digital Mouse, Shifter and Toggle functions. In the new User Guides included in the installer you will find all necessary information to configure and use them.

Don´t forget update your devices with the new firmwares to be able to work with the new features.

F16SGRH family ready to ship!

December 19, 2019

The first F16 grips family batch is finished and ready to ship. Today we will ship the numerous orders we have received and hope our customers are happy and satisfied with the purchase.

We will keep permanently on stock units of F16SGRH and F16SGRH-CE for an immediate shipment. Pre-orders for the F16SGLH and F16SGLH-CE are opened waiting reach the minimum quantity batch for manufacture.

Visit the product page for more information.


F-16 Grips Family

F-16 grips are manufactured in two lines, professional and home. All of them are true replica with the real F-16 shape and manufactured in high density resin. Home line is available in two versions, the F16SGRH with a matte finish and slight grainy feel and the F16SGRH Collector’s Edition with a hand made finishing with painting.

Now, the F-16 left hand version grips are also available.


FSSB-R3 Lighting

The FSSB R3 is the new standard in high quality force sensor joysticks. The design of the sensor board gives a tact, smoothness and accuracy flight control which makes the flying experience can not be compared to anything experienced before; high-precision maneuvers that are impossible without hundreds of training hours are now made easily, thanks to the smoothness of control in areas close to the neutral position.

Definitely the best Joystick in the market.


USB Adapters

We offer you several USB adapters to let you connect your loved old devices to any standard USB socket, supplied as plug and play devices with a very easy or no necessary hardware installation or drivers.

TUSBA for the TM F-16 Cougar Throttle.
RUSBA for Rudder and Rudder with toe brakes.
FUSBA for the Suncon SFS F-15 Throttle and Stick.