This is the Realsimulator download page, here you will find the latest versions of our tools and firmwares for the Realsimulator devices. All of them are grouped on an installer named RS_TOOLS. It is a package installation wizard for Windows, that includes:

  • DCC: a firmware updater application to allow installing new versions of firmware in the Realsimulator devices.
  • RS_HID_DEV_TOOL: a GUI application to configure the Realsimulator devices.
  • Device Metadata files.
  • Latest firmwares for all Realsimulator devices.
  • User Guides.

Release 1.04.00  –  January 14, 2022

  • New release V1.14 of RS_HID_DEV_TOOL.
  • Support for the RS-35-LTB and RS-35-TG devices.
  • Support for new firmwares published in this installer.
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • New release V1.09 of DCC.
  • Support for the RS-35-LTB and RS-35-TG devices.
  • New firmware MJF_FW_F16-18_4_01_3 with only one HID device with the X/Y axes and 64 buttons. Also, it includes improvements in the rotation adjust, the DX60 button (copy of DX31) removed, TRIM hat diagonals removed and the NPA procedure for RS grips now is not operative with non RS grips.
  • New firmware F16_RH_FW_0_01_5 with two HID devices (axes and 32 buttons in first device and the another 32 buttons in the second one) for CE and AS models. This is the firmware already installed in the grip, it is not necessay upgrade it.
  • New firmware F16_RH_FW_0_01_6 with only one HID device with all axes and 64 buttons, for CE and AS models.
  • New FSSB-R3 User Guide v2.04.
  • New F16SGRH User Guide v1.06.

Release 1.03.00  –  May 19, 2020

  • New release V1.13 of RS_HID_DEV_TOOL .
  • Known bugs fixed.
  • Included for the RS grips the TRIM feature in FSSB-R3L tab.
  • Support for the new F-18 grips family.
  • New release v1.08 of DCC.
  • FSSB-R3 upgrade procedure improvement.
  • Support for the new F-18 grips family.
  • New firmware MJF_FW_F16-F18_4_00_0 for R3L. Manage in the same firmware the RS F-16 and F-18 grips.
  • Firmware MJF_FW_F16-18_4_00_0 replaced by MJF_FW_F16-18_4_00_1 (June 30, 2020)
  • Added firmware MJF_FW_F16-18_4_01_1. Based on firmware 4_00_1 with the second hid device (joystick with only buttons) disabled (March 4, 2021).
  • New firmware F16_RH_FW_0_00_5 with known bugs fixed.
  • New firmware F18_RH_FW_0_00_1.
  • New FSSB-R3 User Guide v2.03.
  • New F18CGRH User Guide v1.00 (July 20, 2020)

File content updated.
– June 30, 2020: New firmware for FSSB-R3L included in the RS_TOOLS to fix a bug related to the DX Button operation.
– July 20, 2020: Added the F18CGRH User Guide.
– March 4, 2021: Added new firmware MJF_FW_F16-18_4_01_1 for FSSB-R3L.