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  • The ULTRA force base can make you feel like a real F-16 pilot while flying thanks to the new sensor board that allows to realistically reproduce the F-16 SSC movements. The more comprehensive and realistic flight stick movements will improve your flight experience more quickly and make your maneuvers easier and more intuitive. Availability: in stock
  • Linear Throttle is the name under which are grouped the new linear throttle family that Realsimulator has released. All they are made up of a common item, the linear base (RS-35-LTB) that is customized with the grip of chosen aircraft. Two grip models are already available: the F-35 grip (RS-35-TG) and the F-16 grip (RS-16-TG). The Linear Throttle products family (base and different grips) are manufactured exclusively for home users and they will be manufactured in small batches to offer them by a reasonable price. Below, under the “Description” tab, you will find a detailed product description that, as you will be able to check, makes this product unique in the market. Availability:
    • RS-35 Throttle not available.
    • RS-16 Throttle not available.
  • F-18 Center Grips

    F-18 grips are manufactured in two lines, Professional and Home. All of them are replica of F/A-18E Super Hornet with its true and ergonomic shape, manufactured in an one-piece body construction in high density resin and with a high-grade fixation system with a knurled nut. Home line is available in two versions, the F18CGRH with a matte finish and slight grainy feel and the F18CGRH Anti-Slip, an exclusive and limited edition produced with a special rubberized anti-slip coating. The F18CGRH can be used as a center stick like in the real jet and as a side stick. If it is going to be used as a side stick, the user can easily turn its position for a more ergonomic pilot usage. For that, the user must only unscrew two screws, turn the black grip part on the fixation system until the new position and screw the two screws in the new position holes. The F18CGRH includes a Rotary switch installed under the TRIM hat switch cap to easily hot swap between 8 configurable memory slots, 5-way switches in all the hat switches (TRIM, SENSOR and WEAPON SELECT), 5-way switches where in real grip there is only 1 way (WR, NWS and RECCE), a realistic trigger, a Bluetooth LE for firmware upgrade and three status LEDs used to show the slot in use. Availability:
    • F18CGRH out of stock.
    • F18CGRH Anti-Slip in stock (available a limited edition of only 16 units).
  • The FSSB R3 Lighting is the evolution of the FSSB R3 Warthog, with the same high quality force sensors but with an improved electronic system to include the customer feedbacks there where the software cannot afford. As in the FSSB R3W, the design of the sensors board gives a tact, smoothness and accuracy flight control which makes the flying experience can not be compared to anything experienced before; high-precision maneuvers that are impossible without hundreds of training hours are now made easily, thanks to the smoothness of control in areas close to the neutral position. It is very difficult to express with words the feelings of control that the new R3 sensor transmits, but after testing it ... you cannot fly without it.
    • Independent force sensors for each axis.
    • Acoustic and RGB light advices.
    • Functional with TM Warthog stick and compatibles.
    • Independent and hot adjust of axes sensibility.
    Now you can enjoy a lot of new features when use the FSSB-R3L with the new Realsimulator's grips, as the F16SGRH or the F18CGRH. The new firmware developed for this purpose allows to have 8 memory slots, 64 different buttons, a keyboard to send programmable keystrokes and a mouse. Availability: in stock
  • F-16 Side Grips

    F-16 side grips are manufactured in two lines, Professional and Home. All of them are replicas with true F-16 shape and manufactured in high density resin in a one-piece body construction (unlike other manufacturers) and with a high-grade fixation system. Its lightweight construction allows to use with VR goggles in standup position or disconnected from the base. Home line is available in three versions, the F16SGRH with a matte finish and slight grainy feel, the F16SGRH Collector's Edition with a handmade finishing with 2K paints and the F16SGRH Anti-Slip manufactured with a special rubberized anti-slip coating. There are now also available F-16 Left Hand version grips. They have a rotary switch installed under the TRIM hat switch cap to easily hot swap between 8 configurable memory slots, 5-way switches in all the hat switches (CMS, TMS, DMS and TRIM), 5-way switches where in real life there is only 1 (WR, NWS and PINKY), a realistic Trigger and three status LEDs used for BLE information (if available) and slot number in use. Collector’s Edition and Anti-Slip models also include an independent Bluetooth LE communications module and three analog axes for Roll, Pitch and Yaw. Right Hand v2 models now include Haptic technology by vibration as a new advice system, adding a necessary feedback especially for VR users. Availability:
    • F16SGRH v2 out of stock.
    • F16SGRH Anti Slip v2 in stock.
    • F16SGRH-CE out of stock.
    • F16SGLH out of stock (if you are interested, please contact us ).
    • F16SGLH-CE in stock.
  • Mounting plate for a desktop usage of FSSB-R3. This consists of a black painted steel plate with holes to fix the FSSB-R3 and the 4 fixing screws.   Availability: out of stock
  • Warranty Extension of ONE YEAR for the FSSB-R3 Lighting, additonal to the 2 years legal warranty period.

    FUSBA is the acronym for F-15 USB Adapter. This special version has been designed for the Suncom SFS F-15 throttle and let you connect your loved and incredible well done Suncom hardware to any standard USB socket. It is a true second life for it. Additionally to manage the throttle signals FUSBA has a SUB-D 15 pin connector and a PS2 keyboard connector to make possible to add a Suncom flight controller. At this moment is fully compatible with SFS, Talon and Eagle sticks. FUSBA is supplied as a kit with all the necessary parts to install inside the SFS throttle. Installation is simple and quick and does not require any special knowledge or tool. Availability: in STOCK

    R.USB.A is the acronym for Rudder USB Adapter and it is supplied as a plug and play device with no necessary hardware installation or drivers. This special version has been designed for the game port Rudders and let you connect your loved and well done old rudders to any standard USB socket. RUSBA also supports Rudder pedals with toe brakes compatibles with Trustmaster HOTAS Cougar ©, so if you are owner of both products, now you can fully enjoy your devices, assigning the two brakes in the games.

    Additionally, as RUSBA has a D-sub 15 pin connector can be used as Game Port adapter, this is not the main purpose of RUSBA but thanks to the full configurable system, you only need to install the GamePort firmware and your Rudder adapter will let you connect to your new USB socket any of your loved old game port joysticks.

    Availability: STOCK

    TUSBA is the acronym for Throttle USB Adapter and it is supplied as a plug and play device with no necessary hardware installation or drivers. This special version has been designed for the F16 Cougar TQS and let you connect it directly to any standard USB socket independientely of the F16 Cougar stick, allowing you to use it as partner of any stick available in the market. TUSBA let you to improve the accuracy and precision of your device, giving you a full noise free 12 bit resolution and with the supplied calibration tool to make a custom fit to get the maximum performance from your hardware. It is the perfect complement for the FSSB-R3 Lighting, so you will be able to connect the Cougar TQS directly to your computer and to have the best set of F-16 flight controls. NOTE: TUSBA only works with the F16 Cougar TQS. Availability: in stock
  • Castle Cup

    "Castle" style cap for the F16SGRH DMS switch, manufactured with 3D printing technology, in black resin with a matte finish. F16SGRH grips are supplied with a “stadium” style cap in the DMS switch, the classic cap for F-16 blocks; with this “castle” style cap you can upgrade your F16SGRH to the newer F-16 blocks.   Availability: in stock
  • Ok, you are the pride owner of the best sensor system, you have the R3 and you love it, you also have a good grip and this set is "the best of the best" for you, but you can take a step forward and move from the A10 position just a vertical shape, to a few degrees ahead. Looks like a non important thing, but believe me, this real position like in the F-16 is really the best position you ever has feel. NOTE: the Angle Adapter is not compatible with the Realsimulator F-16 family grips because they have the real F-16's shape. With them you must use the straigth adapter. Availability: STOCK
  • The custom RS-USB cable allows to connect the FSSB-R3 Lighting and the MKII ULTRA to the computer through the internal socket type 5-way connector (JST ref: B5B-PH-K-S) that they include. All the FSSB-R3 Lighting sold since June 2022 and the MKII ULTRA have this extra USB connection. The RS-USB cable is 1,8 m long and consists of a USB A-male connector for the computer connection and a 5-way plug housing (JST ref: PHR-5) for the internal header socket assembled on the FSSB-R3L.   Availability: in stock


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