The FSSB R3 Lighting is the evolution of the FSSB R3 Warthog, with the same high quality force sensors but with an improved electronic system to include the customer feedbacks there where the software cannot afford. As in the FSSB R3W, the design of the sensors board gives a tact, smoothness and accuracy flight control which makes the flying experience can not be compared to anything experienced before; high-precision maneuvers that are impossible without hundreds of training hours are now made easily, thanks to the smoothness of control in areas close to the neutral position. It is very difficult to express with words the feelings of control that the new R3 sensor transmits, but after testing it ... you cannot fly without it.
  • Independent force sensors for each axis.
  • Acoustic and RGB light advices.
  • Functional with TM Warthog stick and compatibles.
  • Independent and hot adjust of axes sensibility.
Now you can enjoy a lot of new features when use the FSSB-R3L with the new Realsimulator's grips, as the F16SGRH or the F18CGRH. The new firmware developed for this purpose allows to have 8 memory slots, 64 different buttons, a keyboard to send programmable keystrokes and a mouse.