Suggested Changes to RS_HID_DEV_TOOL

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Suggested Changes to RS_HID_DEV_TOOL

Post by AZDane »

First thank you for an excellent product. I love all the configuration options in RS_HID_DEV_TOOL, but I have a couple of suggestions to changes I would love to see in a future release:

1. Precision Mode. It would be nice if there was an option to have this mode work either as a shifter or toggle mode. When you are doing really precise work like air refueling, it’s important to be relaxed and have really light pressure on the stick. Having to hold the constant pressure on the trigger makes it harder to do. Also, would be nice if the action could be enabled by other switches than necessarily the trigger.

2. Toggle/Shifter modes. Right now you can only activate these with primary buttons. These are typically assigned other functions already, so it would be nice if you could use other button pushes to activate these instead.

3. Full Scale Control: Is there a technical reason this has to be limited to 4 settings? Why not just a percentage like Precision mode?

Thank You!
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Re: Suggested Changes to RS_HID_DEV_TOOL

Post by AndyT »

Something that I think would be a good idea is the ability to remap DX buttons between slots, e.g swap trigger buttons (useful for warbirds). This can kind of be done using keybinds or joystick gremlin, but a direct solution is better.

Strong agree on all points above by the way.
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