Important for all FSSB-R3L owners

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Important for all FSSB-R3L owners

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Hello everybody,

As you know, we have been trying for some time to unify all the functionalities of the different firmwares of the FSSB-R3 Lighting in an unique firmware since this facilitates the choice of the most appropriate firmware to the users and also for us when it comes to maintaining and incorporating new functionalities.

We believe that the current MJF_FW_F16-18_5 fulfills that goal, as it incorporates all the functionalities of the old MJF, BMS and AER firmwares. For this reason, in the next release of the RS_TOOLS these old firmwares will disappear from the installation. You as users are free to use the firmware that you consider best, but we want to inform you that all these firmwares will become obsolete and will no longer be supported and attended in the forum.

With this reduction of firmwares, all users will use the latest and unique version available, which will always have the bugs found solved.

Best regards,
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