Suggestion for a new control mode

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Suggestion for a new control mode

Post by Supmua »

I've been using hardware trim, and it's pretty neat with the ability to move the center to a new point on the X,Y axes.

Is it possible to incorporate another control mode? What I'm thinking of is a mode that the cursor will not return to the center when you release the pressure on the stick. This would be analogous to a mouse control where the cursor would be left at the last spot that you place it. I know that you could do this with digital mouse option but that's for control via button inputs only which is coarse at best. Functionality-wise, this would be similar to a mechanical joystick base with dry clutch.
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Re: Suggestion for a new control mode

Post by Dragon »

Hi Supmua.

Maybe I dont full understand your suggest, but I believe this its exactly what our trim system do, no?

When you set trim to any X/Y values, you continue as normal, but with this X/Y as release value.

Thanks and please let me know if I dont understand you
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