Request: F-16 Throttle

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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Morphine »

+1... How about a Kickstarter to facilitate the process?
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Stephan_Nussbaumer »

Hello,i already have the FSSB R3 + the F16SGRH and i would also gladly pay for a Viper Throttle from Real Simulator :)
Just take my money already! :lol:
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Supmua »

Any news on the throttle? A lot of people are ready to buy.
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by scrag »

+1 ready to buy
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Grady_Graham »

Dragon wrote: Thu May 28, 2020 8:24 am Dear Friends.

TO get a similar price to other have in the market, we would need a similar quantity production, and we are really far from 40.000 - 50.000 unit or the 500.000 to 5 million units for mass consumer product.

We need focus on special and high quality products. for only a few people in all the world.
About the throttle. maybe we can do something, but for sure far from the actual in the market product. (as usual)
I think its safe to assume if we are buying the stick we would also buy the throttle. There are plenty of 2 engine throttles on the market but no F-16 throttles. We spent the extra money for the stick and we will spend the extra money for a throttle.
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Roger_Moeller »

Count me in on the F-16 throttle...I’d absolutely buy one from RealSimulator!!!
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Gregory_Karydis »

extremely interested in this. i would buy one too.
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Dragon »

Hi. maybe is best set together these, for me is the same continue in the RS-35 or here, take a look and let me know.

In fact I believe would be better continue, in the RS-35-LTB just as the linear throttle base will be the main electronic and mechanical system to driv our home throttle system. ... f=38&t=378

There (or here) will be posted the news about
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Blackdog »

Just posting to show my support for the F-16 throttle.

If the throttle pre-order were for the F-16C version I'd pre-order today (even if it were more expensive than the current F-35 version pre-order).

I somewhat considered pre-ordering the F-35 throttle to change to the F-16 grip in the future, but I can't justify paying for the F-35 grip that I have no interest in.


For those who haven't seen it yet:
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Re: Request: F-16 Throttle

Post by Maxim2770 »

also posting to show my support. Just bought the R3L and SGRH and would love to have a F16 throttle.
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