F18 grip on VKB base?

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F18 grip on VKB base?

Post by Brett_Croker »

UPDATE - Have now got this working, decided to go the BLE option and re-wired the TM adapter to provide power to the F18 grip. The grip now sits nicely on the VKB gunfighter and all key assignments are done through the BLE version of the grip (F18CGRH Home).

Understanding I probably need firmware updates but I was wondering if anyone has been able to get an F18 grip working on a VKB Gunfighter base using the Thrustmaster adapter that VKB sells?

I’ve 3D printed an adaptor that takes the TM adapter and slots nicely into the base of the realsimulator grip but cannot get the buttons to register within the VKB software. Is there any way around this as the feel of the realsimulator grip on the VKB is incredible.

Cheers for any input anyone may have as to how to go about it.
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Re: F18 grip on VKB base?

Post by Mashed_Potato »

Anyone else managed to make something like this? I'm definitely interested in doing it once they restock on F/A-18 grips.
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