Implementing telemetry from DCS

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Implementing telemetry from DCS

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Hi, yesterday I was thinking that it would be cool to have the forces in the FSSB base change depending on the telemetry from the simulator, like for example it happens in a Force Feedback joystick (of course I am not talking about rumble effects which are implemented in the new grips or shaking but only of a dynamic force needed to move the joystick).
Of course this would be only for modules where this is relevant like non FBW jets, WW2 fighters but also the F18 which in real life has a sort of force feedback implemented, and a different mode when in landing configuration.
So for example when at high speed more force would be needed for moving the stick (again in the F16 this is not useful, but I use the FSSB for all my aircraft also the WW2 fighters, the f14 and the FA18 and I know of a lot of users that do the same).

This could be implemented exporting data from the simulator like for example Brunner does for its stick (which uses a custom ffb implementation) or other export scripts, like Helios, SRS or other software which talks with DCS with a LUA export.
Of course the user could still use hid tool to have this disabled if he wants, and if enabled he could define a range of max force setting that can be applied.
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Re: Implementing telemetry from DCS

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Dear We have told before about this idea.

As resume, this is already done in the flight computer simulation of your BMS and I suppose in DCS, the flight law is dynamic and must be dynamic for several reason.

So the necessary force to move the flight surfaces, is variable over the speed.

About FS2020, I suppose the well done planes will have also do the correct Flight computer simulation, but I am more sure about BMS and DCS
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