Turn off SMM

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Re: Turn off SMM

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This would be an higly welcome addition.
The pinky and the paddle lever are the most used buttons for a shift button in simulators.
Please as Bear ask add an option in the software to turn off SMM menu also for users of other grips.
It has not to be disabled completely, an option to have it off is just ok
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Re: Turn off SMM

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Dear Virus

If we could do it in a easy way , would be done few months ago, the SMM is a option from the first beginning of the firmware, and is a bool variable, and is saved, restored, send etc as a bool, and only can be OFF or ON, unfortunately this change modify a lot of things and would have problems this the actual register structure.

I am so sorry.
H. Bear
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Re: Turn off SMM

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That's disappointing, but at least now we know.

I'll find another avenue.

- Bear
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