some help please

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some help please

Post by markturner »

Hi, I have not been using my stick, as I have been waiting for an extension, however, now I have decided to start using it. I have installed it on my new virpil base and I am having some issues with bindings and buttons. Some of teh buttons seem to be detected and working fine, others not.

I am not and dont want to use the bluetooth - I just want to use as a simple grip within DCS.

issues include:

SCS depress is not detected
undesignate button only detects depress, none of the other positions
Trigger registers as joy buttons 1 & 19 at the same time
POV / TRim hat seems to mixed up, with down showing as left, and also registering joy button 7 at the same time
The recce mark button only works as depressed, not directionally

Can some one help please?

Thank you
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Re: some help please

Post by Dragon »

Hi Mark.

We can not modify how Virpil manage the grip info, sorry, for our acknoledge most of the owner who connect the grip to the virpil use the BLE comms to have the whole button set working.

Maybe be there are some VIrpil firmware to resolve your issue , but we dont know.

Sorry again cause can not help you.
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Re: some help please

Post by RogueSqdn »

I use mine through Bluetooth with no issues.

The only thing I encountered when setting it up was that my motherboard's BT signal wasn't strong enough to maintain a connection, and I have a dongle plugged into the back of the PC.
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