Dx Button Output for modes

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Dx Button Output for modes

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Hi Dragon

Just reading through the wish list, it's been a while since I've visited here, which is testiment to the reliabilty of both the software and hardware of my R3L.

One thing that came up frequently in the past was having a sound alert to pass to speakers/headphones for the adjustable warning and 100% limits.

I also noticed that when the RS software is activated through the stick to access the RS special modes it sends out a Dx button (17 I think). It would be nice if the software also exported a button alert when the software is deactivated. When I go into the RS special modes to configure the stick I use the button send from the RS software to alert me via a sound that it's active but I don't know when it deactivates. So I thought another button output would be really useful.

Going back to the adjustable and 100% warning, would it be feasible for the software to also send Dx buttons for these limits, as alarms? That way the buttons could easily be configured by another software pacakge to play a sound and alert the user of the activation

Just a passing thought

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