R.U.S.B.A.  Pat. Pending.

The second life for your F16 Rudder and additionally Game Port Joysticks


R.USB.A is the acronym for Rudder USB Adapter. this special version has been designed for the game port RUDDERs, and let you connect your loved and well done old rudders to any standard USB socket.


RUSBA use standard HID drivers included in your installed operating system. no matter if x32 or x64, XP W7 or W8. RUSBA will work in all situations.

RUSBA has been designed with state of the art last generation microcomputer and has been adjusted to improve the accuracy and precision of your hardware, giving you a full noise free 12 bit resolution, 4096 steps in all analog variables.

The RUSBA is available in only one model: the full re-programable one.

Additionally as RUSBA has a SUB-D 15 pin connector can be used as Game Port adapter, this is not the main purpose of RUSBA but thanks to the full configurable system, only need install the GamePort firmware included below, and your Rudder adapter will let you connect to your new USB socket any of your loved old game port joysticks.

The RUSBA is designed with the FSSB R3 and TUSBA R2 soul, be the best for today and for tomorrow.

As well as the FSSB R3 and TUSBA R2 is firmware upgradeable. We supply RUSBA with 3 different firmwares:.

 - RUSBA RandB
 - RUSBA Rudder



 RUSBA RandB (RUSBA Rudder and Brakes): the release specification for v1.00 firmware are:

3 Analog axles.
   Eje X - Left brake
   Eje Y - Right brake
   Eje Z - Rudder

This firmware is designed to support all the rudders with toe brakes compatible with the HOTAS Cougar. if work on it work on RUSBA


RUSBA Rudder: the release specification for v1.00 firmware are:

1 Analog axle.
   Eje Z - Rudder

This firmware is designed to support all the old analog rudders with gameport connector.


RUSBA GamePort: the release specification for v1.00 firmware are:

4 Analog axles.
   Eje X - Analog 0
   Eje Y - Analog 1
   Eje Z - Analog 2
   Rot.X - Analog 3
4 Buttons
   Button 1 - Digital 4
   Button 2 - Digital 5
   Button 3 - Digital 6
   Button 4 - Digital 7

As said before, this is not the main purpose of RUSBA, and must be understand as a gift or additional functionality, Just as the GamePort joystick have the same SUB-D 15 pines, we can configure the RUSBA to convert the 4 axles and 4 buttons available in most of the game port Joysticks and convert it to a USB compatible signal.
This firmware is designed to support all the old joysticks with a gameport connection. But of course can not work with the mouse, keyboard or other custom functionality of this joysticks, because this information is not provided through the game port connection.



Technical data


D-Sub 15 socket
USB - A male Plug
Plastic sealed cover
14 bits Analog conversion.
Low Pass Filter (Glitch Reject)
1, 3 or 4 Analog channels (in function of firmware version)
4 DX Buttons (in function of firmware version)
XP, W7, W8, X32 & X64 Versions
Upgradeable firmware


Special Launch Price

Docs, Firmware and Software tools




RUSBA 74,99€ +
 Shipping cost (7.20€ )by Postal Airmail 5-10 days


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This price is only available for home user customers.
For commercial use, price is higher and product is different, commercial customers must take contact with sales department for quotation

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