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The most exciting upgrade for your R3s.



The FSSB R3 Lighting, has a new and improved electronic board, with state of the art MCU, that allows us to improve the features of the Lighting to make sure will be the best of the market in the next years.

Visual Advices
Following the customers suggestions, We have included in the Lighting a visual advice system additionally to the sound advice system, in order to keep quite the silence, when is necessary and at same time, giving to the pilot the necessary feedback for its full control, so now in the Lighting, you can disconnect all the aural advices and connect only visual advices for “night flights”,

Expansion Sockets
Lighting thanks to the new electronic, will be upgraded with hardware devices, theses devices would be connected directly to the R3 lighting instead to need an additional USB socket and wire

NASA Features
Asymmetrical Forces sensing for left and right as well as to push and pull. to let you to adjust really to the perfection the flight experience. In this way R3 now understand that our arm do not apply the same force in all axes, instead our feeling is the same.

Rotation Adjust
Again hearing our customers, R3 Lighting includes a rotation adjust, in this way, you can rotate physically the R3 hardware in the table or in your desk support, and after that adjust the rotation angle, the R3 lighting will translate all the forces to correct values

Additional DX button HID Composite Device Remove
Other wanted desire from the customers, is to have the ability to connect and disconnect the additional DX buttons HID devices, just as in some games and simulator software, have the composite device is a problem, Now you can remove the additional HID devices or add it at your convenience.


The FSSB R3 LIghting is the evolution of the FSSB R3, with the same high quality force sensor we have improved the electronic system to include the customer feedback, there where the software can not afford. Following the success of the venerable R1, R2 and R3 puts the new levels of quality, sensitivity and precision in hard to reach values even for expensive professional equipment. Definitely the best Joystick in the market

As in the FSSB R3 the design of the sensor board, give a tact, smoothness and accuracy flight control, which makes the flying experience can not be compared to anything experienced before, high-precision maneuvers that are impossible without hundreds of training hours, are now made easily, thanks to the smoothness of control in areas close to the neutral position.

It is very difficult to express with words the feelings of control that the new R3 sensor transmits, but after testing it ... you can not fly without it.

It has provided the new design of a small deflection in the sensor system, which allows a slight angular movement in the stick, this, although very small, helps to facilitate adaptation to a force control, which is appreciated in the first flights.

The new R3 Lighting has an proprietary RealSimulator electronic system as well as in the FSSB R3, both analog and digital processing, and can be used in two ways, both as an upgrade and as independently. Therefore behave as two separate joysticks, which can operate independently or together.


You only have to replace the HOTAS sensor module, for the FSSB R3 Lighting using information from the video
FSSB-R3-Warthog Alone and connect the FSSB-R3 Lighting to your computer via the mini USB found in the FSSB-R3 Lighting, the FSSB-R3 Lighting will be recognized as an HID device.

You can use any Windows tools for game devices compatible with HID, and the Joystick will be displayed on all applications that can handle HID devices with the name "FSSB R3 XXXXX". Where XXXX will be the name of the firmware installed

During quality control process, which is done manually to each unit manufactured, the FSSB R3 Lighting is calibrated and adjusted, but has also included an electronic calibration that allows the user to perform this operation as many times as necessary.

Following the R3 style, FSSB-R3 Lighting has the last features included in the SMM (special Modes Menus) plus some additional only available for the Lighting.

HAT as POV or TRIM. The HAT switch can be modified at any time to behave like a POV (default) or trim command. This allows during the use of the joystick, the HAT control the views or submit your information to 4 HID buttons for use as TRIM, that is their function in real life.

FULL SCALE CONTROL to select between four possible full scale settings of the axes X and Y, this adjusts the ratio between force applied to the joystick and the signal sent to the computer. Although this looks like a sensitivity adjustment control is not exactly the same. This setting is ideal for adjusting joystick response in complex situations, such as a landing, refueling maneuver, ground attack. The setting values are FSC 1:1 3:4 1:4 1:2

NEUTRAL POSITION ADJUSTMENT. The adjustment of the neutral position manually allows exact adjustment of the neutral position of FSSB R3, in previous models R1 and R2, this adjustment was done through potentiometers on the electronic board, now is done using digital potentiometers, which are adjusted by the firmware when the user need, including in the middle of a flight mission.

Sound/Light. These two options let you independently enable or disable the beep sound and light signals. The LIGHT option only is available in the FSSB-R3 Lighting model; the previous version lacks this functionality. 

DX Buttons/Add BUTTONS. With this feature the user can create or remove the additional DX Buttons device what are part of composite device jointly to the main joystick device.

Warning Sound LEVEL. Set the percentage for the warning sound level from 1 to 99% and calculated with the actual sensibility and full scale control in 4:4

BFA LEVEL. Adjustable independently in Roll and Pitch, let you select in four steps from 0 to 10% the level of force applied to break the stable cero position.

MEMORY SLOTS. Four memory slots to save/load custom configurations.

Some features are only available in the RS_HID_DEV_TOOL program and they cannot be changed in flight, but others can be changed in flight through the Special Mode Menu (SMM).

During the selection of special modes (SMM) a beep sound/light will indicate that the FSSB-R3 is in configuration mode when not hear/see any beep/light the FSSB-R3 is in normal operating mode.

Unlike R1 and R2 models, the new R3 has a proprietary RealSimulator electronic system, both analog and digital processing, and can be used in two ways, as an upgrade and independently. Therefore behave as two separate joysticks, which can operate independently or together.

As well as TUSBA R2, RUSBA and FUSBA, FSSB-R3 is firmware upgradeable. At the moment there are the following firmwares available:

  • MJF: standard firmware for modern jet fighter.
  • BMS: special version for Falcon 4 BMS.
  • LCJ (Last Chance Joystick): version that include the stick and throttle axes
  • SSF: version for space ships fighters.
  • AER: AER firmware is the MJF firmware customized with the suggestions and necessities of flight aerobatics gamers
  • SSF_LH: special version of SSF for left hands users.

During the selection of special modes, a beep will sound, or a light will flash, or both, indicating that the FSSB-R3 is in configuration mode when not hear any beep or flash any light. the FSSB-R3 is in normal operating mode.

Rotation-2-300 Rotation-1300 FSSB-R3-Lighting-Alone-300


Use as upgrade for the HOTAS.

In addition to the advantages offered by the use of the FSSB-R3 standalone, this has connectors that allow you to send data from FSSB-R3 to HOTAS electronic board, for installation using video FSSB-R3-Warthog HOTAS Upgrade.

When used with HOTAS electronics, you can connect both USB cables to the same computer, and choose with your computer, which joystick use. Obviously the user can configure the simulation program, using both, the HOTAS variables and buttons as well as native FSSB R3 varables and buttons, being limited only through the options of the software you are using.

As a rule, the HOTAS could benefit from both the high quality of data X and Y axes as well as some special modes FSSB R3.





Technical data

NEW in R3 Lighting

Improved Procesor unit
Light advice 4xRGB leds .
Two expansion shockets.

COMMON FOR R3 and R3 Lighting
Independent force sensor for each axis.
Black anodized fixation element.
HOTAS electronic board fixation 2 M3.
Measurement electronic with separate channels.
Electronic neutral position adjust.
Full scale control with 4 levels, 1:1, 3:4, 1:2 & 1:4.
Sensibility control for Roll in 4 levels. 2.5, 4.5, 6.5 and 13 pounds
Sensibility control for Pitch in 4 levels 4, 6, 9 and 13 pounds
2nd and 3rd DX button set
2nd and 3rd DX button set On Off control
4 Memory Slots for quick custom configuration
Auto-Load Memory Slot #1 if available
Firmware upgrade.
One piece aluminum white anodized case.
Required screws included.
Watertight, airtight and dust proof yellow plastic hard case.
Electric connections made by connectors. No soldering required.
Mini USB connection wire included
Max. applied force 13 Lbs
Max. allowed force 20 Lbs

Stick_1.02.0_Pag1-SMM_300 Stick_1.02.0_Pag2-HAT_300 Stick_1.02.0_Pag3-DMS_300 Stick_1.02.0_Pag4-TMS_300 Stick_1.02.0_Pag5-CMS_300 Stick_1.02.0_Pag6-Trigger_300

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