F16SGRH  Pat.Num. 201930004 and others.
The Realsimulator F16 Side Grip Right Hand Home Edition


The F16SGRH as well as the RS grip family come in two lines, professional and home use.

Professional range uses its own software and real military switches as well as custom socket and connector, under client specification.

Home use version is a supersede of the Professional units, same dimension, same high grade fixation system, same high density resin in one piece body construction. The Realsimulator Grips need W10 and BLE 4.0 or higher
But with the addition of:


a) Upgradeable electronic module

b) hot swap 8 memory slots, with a single thumb movement you can reconfigure in fraction of second your whole system

c) 5ways switches in all the hat switches, with the possibility to disable center position.

d) 5ways switches where in real life there are one 1, with the possibility to disable the additional switches

e) Three status leds used for BLE information and Slot number in use.

f) Realistic trigger movement

g) Independent Bluetooth communication, so you can use it alone, or with a X/Y base

h) Three Analog axes in the standard configuration for Roll, Pitch and Yaw. These axles are independent of the standard axles in the X/Y base

i) Lightweight focused in use with VR goggles in standup position or out of the base.

j) Short Minidin to USB cable to let you connect the Grip to any power bank and use it at your convenience.

k) The same Minidin to USB can be used to install the grip in any rod with no necessity of X/Y electronic or sensor, just as the own F16SGRH have its 3 axles sensor integrated.

l) Firmware upgradeable trough BLE, so you could need a 4.0 or higher BLE dongle if your PC don’t have BLE included.



The F16SGRH can be used with a USB and a wire as a standalone system or connected to a TM© system (cougar or warthog) or any R1, R2 or R3 RealSimulator system.



R3L with the F16SGRH installed.

As main upgrades you have most of the F16SGRH features integrated in the R3L and a full audio and video overlay, to be used in your games and VR goggles, to let you know the actual Realsimulator system configuration



R3 with the F16SGRH installed.

As main upgrades slots goes from 4 to 8, no SMM system just as you have 8 different configurations with hot swap (fast change), and 64 buttons to achieve the center position and center + up, down, right, left


F16SGRH configuration page




You have three axles in the grip: roll, pitch and yaw, you can adjust how everyone works in a independent way for every memory slot

So in every slot you can configure:


Full Scale Control
Roll Sensibility
Pitch Sensibility
Yaw Sensibility
Roll Control Assistance
BFA Roll level
BFA Pitch level
Precision mode On/Off and Percentage

The next additional features are common to all the memory slots:
Analog pairing, to optimize the Roll Pitch and Yaw axles
Individual calibration for windows direct X



Keystrokes On/Off
DX Buttons On/Off
DX Center Buttons On / Comp / Double Click / Off
Test window called Output
64 DX buttons
can be enabled or disabled for every slot.
64 keystrokes can be enabled or disabled for every slot, and of course can be different in every slot.


There are three leds over the TMS switch these are used for BLE status, Memory slot identification. and test switches

You can adjust the light intensity for every slot, and disable the test switch.


Just as the complexity and powerfully of the system is really huge, we have included a Save and Load option, to let you share your configurations with others and in the same way have an easy way to install in your Grip the configuration of your friends.

Swap / Copy/ Paste/ Clear slot control, you can clear the whole slot, copy and paste in other slot, or swao two slots.

Title name for every slot, and an editable label for every keystroke in the slot. controlled by the “Keystrokes” / “Explanation” button
Identification of every DX buttons by number and Code Name when you press “names” button


To help you to prepare the configuration of keystrokes set in every game you can use the next pages templates.




Videos for Installation and Configuration






Flight Test F/A18 DCS

F16SGRH BMS example configuration

TakeOff / NAV test flight





The Realsimulator Grips need W10 and BLE 4.0 or higher

Docs, Firmware and Software tools



Price: 450 Eur + Shipping


European Community Citizens must add the European taxes
This price is only available for home user customers.
For commercial use, price is higher and product is different, commercial customers must take contact with sales department for quotation

Available for USA and Europe
Will be manufactured under demand, so once you buy the F16SGRH, your product will be put in the production queue as a FIFO

Nov 2019 Whole World