F-16-C Angle adapter Pat.Pend.
Improve your R3 or R3 ligthing to get the real F-16-C grip position


The best way to improve your R3 and R3 lighting.

Ok. you are the pride owner of the best sensor system, you have the R3 and and you love it, you also have the best grip in the market, and this set is the best of the best, but you can take a step forward. and move from the A10 position just a vertical shape, to a few degrees ahead, look like a non important thing, but believe me, this real position, like in the F-16 is really the best position you ever has feel.

The installation is a five minutes job, only need find near you a torx 20 screw driver and change the A-10 shape for the F-16 shape



Comp_300 Lat1_300 Lat2_300

Technical data

F-16-C R3 Adapter



Al 6061 T6


CNC mill & lathe machining

External protection

Black anodized


65 g.


41,64 x 34,18 x 31,57 mm.

Fixation system

4 x Torx20 x M4

Electrical connection

Mini DIN 5pin

Installation video



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  • F-16-C Angle adapter R3 & R3 Lighting.
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