RealSimulator offers to his customers:

  • The possibility of testing a simulator and configure it to your need
  • The design and manufacturing under demand of every type of cockpit to your specifications

The department of Simulation is fed of the experience acquired by EMYCSA in the industrial and aeronautics sector. And is ready to offer the best and most competitive simulator system of the market, for these purposes has been development the technologies needed in the military industries and keep on developing for civil applications

The prior target of RealSimulator is that our customers has the absolute confidence that their development will arrive Just In Time and the product will be absolute satisfactory, with this purposes, has been designed and manufactured one testing simulator of a combat fighter based on a F-16-C block50-52, the development has included all the elements that constituted the cockpit. Instruments fly controls, panels, ejector seat, structure and the electronic and software needed for the communications with system of the customer